Rolic Technologies in Eindhoven (the Netherlands)

Rolic Technologies in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) is the center of expertise for the implementation of Rolic´s research results into production. In close cooperation with partners and customers Rolic Technologies (Eindhoven) develops industrial manufacturing processes with which Rolic´s unique technology can be produced on large scale, at high quality and very cost-effectively. This fills the gap left by innovative research and development work as well as the demand of industrial production.
Main focus is the production of barrier films that combine organic and inorganic layers. These films are used to protect highly sensitive technologies such as light-emitting materials for OLEDs in order to increase their lifetime and efficiency.

The activities in Eindhoven strengthen the technological leadership of Rolic.
Today, successful product launches of complex technologies within the tight innovation cycles can succeed only in collaboration with specialists of engineering and production. Rolic Technologies (Eindhoven) is located in the immediate vicinity of specialized partner companies. The close cooperation with local technology partners allows the much faster introduction of Rolic innovations in the market.
Rolic Technologies (Eindhoven) supports Rolic headquarters in Allschwil in developing of industrial production processes, such as testing of developments made in Switzerland under industrial conditions and adapting the requirements of mass production for markets around the world. Research and development of Rolic’s enabling technology shall continue to be made at the Swiss site Allschwil.